Visual Element Designer

Extensiable Cross Discipline Design ,Composition and Rendering


Typographic Type Design


 typographic  type design that is simple, intuitive, and fun instead of tedious painful  and pretty much impractical  for nearly everyone , create your own font that expresses your brand, the workflows are productive enough for even small projects.  

Publication Level Typesetting


 Render any font to highest level of profession standard available, anywhere  from extreme word Logo  to publication quality manuscript  , complete control of every aspect no matter the target or typeface. 

Compositional Vector Graphics


 Compose reusable designs instead of the tedium of drawing shapes  , spend your time exploring design variations  , you should not have to fear design changes that force rework , export directly in to tools like Inkscape or Blender well as target formats like HMLT5 Canvas, SVG  and many more. dynamically

Human Interface


Create ultra realistic emulation of any instrumentation or controls for real world systems to high end gaming application

Data Visualization


Render any style data visualization with total control in real time using remote open object oriented services , composited to live broadcast video, business presentation,  engineering analytics

Mixed Media Compositing Rendering


Green screen (Color Key Alpha Masking) with the ability to composite and overlay the full pallet of supported effects and elements.

Geo Spatial Engineering / Analysis


Create overlays with projection conversion allowing for any source with image effects  that can enhance structures and other key insights 

Cinematographic Production


Every phase of the process from frame capture with color correction and film emulation  

pre-compression to mastering .

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